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Fish Survey Data - From Map

Fish Survey Data - Tabular





Fish Survey Data

The data available are from surveys conducted from 1990-2002. The distribution of a fish species is defined by the presence or absence of a species at a series of sites throughout a stream, watershed, or basin.  A survey may be designed to assess (1) the distribution of a species in a stream or watershed, (2) the upstream limits of fish distribution, (3) the distribution of an assemblage or group of fish in a stream or watershed, (4) the presence of a rare species, or (5) the distribution of a particular life history stage of a species.  The objectives of each survey may differ, but each is designed to establish the presence or absence of fish at some spatial and temporal scale.

All surveys were conducted by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Aquatic Inventories Project located in Corvallis, Oregon. The basins were designated by the State of Oregon Water Resources Department.

To download data, either click on the colored portion of the map or select by HUC (Hydrological Unit) number in table format (click here to access the table). Metadata is available as a Word document. All data files provided are zipped .e00 format. Please refer to our file transfer website for further information and software.

Outside sources of data and information are the Water Resources Board and Streamnet's Fish Distribution Coverage

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